Seated Liberty Dimes

The Seated Liberty Dimes were produced by the United States Mint for a period of more than half a decade. During this time, the coins would be struck at the Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Carson City Mints amidst a number of design changes throughout the series.

Assembling the entire series is a daunting task, made more difficult by the appearance of the 1873-CC "No Arrows" Dime, for which only a single example is known to exist. Nonetheless many collector enjoy the challenging of pursuing this lengthy and intriguing series which holds an important place in history.

Seated Liberty Dimes

The primary element of the obverse design for the series is the image of Liberty seated on a rock. She has one hand upon a shield inscribed "Liberty", with the other hand holding a pole with a freedom cap placed on top. Throughout the series the remaining design elements would undergo several alterations.

Initially, Liberty appeared alone on the obverse without further adornment. This was changed when stars were added surrounding the image, which were later replaced with the legend "United States of America". At various points during the series the specifications were changed, which was denoted by the inclusion of arrows at the date. Another subtle change occurred early in the series when drapery was added at Liberty's elbow.

On the reverse, the design initially consisted of a simple wreath of laurel tied with a bow at the base and open at the top. The denomination was expressed within the wreath as "One Dime" with the words "United States of America" surrounding the wreath. Later in the series when the legend was added to the obverse, a thicker agricultural wreath was adopted for the reverse which now contained only an inscription of the denomination.

This site will provide some further basic information about the series of Seated Liberty Dimes and present a selection of coins available for sale. Enjoy the challenge and intrigue of pursuing coins from this important series.